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STD testing is a medical examination to check for sexually transmitted diseases. It’s crucial in Dubai to detect and treat infections early, prevent their spread, and protect your overall health. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle. You should consider getting an STD test in Dubai if you are sexually active, have multiple partners, or experience symptoms like pain, discharge, or discomfort.

When it comes to STD testing, reliability is paramount. Reliable-Testing STD Clinic Dubai prioritize confidentiality, ensuring that your personal information and test results are kept secure. Understanding your rights and the clinic’s commitment to privacy is crucial for peace of mind.

We are dedicated to providing excellent, efficient, and patient-centered medical care with the satisfaction of patients being our primary priority.

Sample Requirements KeyBloodUrine

The test is carried out using blood samples that are collected by a clinician at the clinic location of your choosing.

STD Test Cost

Full Blood Testing

AED 700 AED 1,400


HIV 1&2 +p24
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C

Turnaround time 1 day

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Single Blood Test

AED 200 AED 400


HV-1 RNA Assay 1200 AED
Herpes 2&1 500 AED
 Gonorrhoea 500 AED
 Chlamydia 500 AED
 Pap Smear 400 AED
 Semen Analysis 600 AED
Total PSA 250 AED
Urinary Analysis 250 AED
Urine Culture250 AED

Turnaround time 1 day

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8 Pathogen

AED 700  AED 1120


Herpes Simplex 1
Herpes Simplex 2

Turnaround time 1 day

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We offer the Comprehensive Testing Solution in Dubai

How to Get Tested at our STD Clinic in Dubai

Step 1

Select the test you want to take from the available options.

Step 2

Book an appointment discreetly and get the dates for your STD test in Dubai.

Step 3

Visit the clinic and get tested under expert supervision.

Step 4

Get the results with complete confidentiality.

In less than 24 hours of receiving your information, you can set up an appointment.

STD Testing is Crucial

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are more common than you might think. As per The National, sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases reported to the Health Authority Abu Dhabi surged by 41% in 2014, jumping from 386 to 546. These stats raised concerns about public health awareness and prevention efforts. If STDs are left untreated they can lead to serious health complications, including infertility, cancer, and even death.

However, the good news is that majority of STDs are treatable. Reliable-testing is an excellent choice for your peace of mind. You can schedule an appointment without any worries.

Types of STD Tests

Understanding the different types of STD tests available is essential for maintaining sexual health and well-being.
Following are some of the most common types of STD testing in Dubai.

Blood Tests

Among the various methods available, blood tests play a key role in detecting infections.

HIV Test: This test checks for the virus that causes HIV/AIDS. A small blood sample is needed.

  • Hepatitis B and C Tests: These tests screen for infections affecting the liver. They require a small blood sample.
  • Syphilis Test: This test detects the bacteria causing syphilis. A small blood sample is used.

Urine Tests

When it comes to checking for certain sexually transmitted infections, urine tests also play a crucial role.

  • Chlamydia Test:
    This test identifies the bacteria causing chlamydia infection. A urine sample is needed.
  • Gonorrhea Test: This test detects the presence of the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea. A urine sample is required.

Swab Tests

Swab tests are an essential method for identifying specific sexually transmitted infections with precision and accuracy.

  • Herpes Test:
    This test screens for the herpes simplex virus. A swab is used to collect a sample.
  • HPV Test: This test identifies the presence of human papillomavirus. A swab is used to collect a sample.

Common Symptoms of HIV|STD:

It’s crucial to be aware of potential symptoms that may indicate the presence of an STD:
– Unusual or bad-smelling discharge
– Pain during sex
– Unusual discharge from genitals or anus
– Pain when urinating
– Skin growth or lumps around the anus or genitals
– A rash
– Unusual vaginal bleeding
– Itchy anus or genitals
– Sores and blisters around the genitals or anus

Why Should You Choose our HIV Test in Dubai

The satisfaction of our patients is our main priority; thus we are devoted to providing, efficient and ,discreent patient-centered testing

High-Quality Diagnostics with Reliable Results Consistent Professional Monitoring
Skilled Professionals Confidential STD Test

Preparation before your HIV Test in Dubai

Urine Test

The STD test includes a urine sample. Ideally, you should not go to the bathroom for at least an hour before visiting the clinic.


It is recommended to get an STD test done before beginning any antibiotic treatment. Inform the doctor if you are taking antibiotics.

Nature of Test

Regional testing for several STDs is done. Depending on the exposure kind, relevant sites are independently evaluated.


No fasting is required. Prior to an STD test, you do not have to avoid eating anything

Through our extremely qualified staff and by using lates technologies, we aim to give you the best possible treatment.

STD Prevention Strategies

Preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) involves a combination of education, communication, and the consistent practice of safe behaviors. Here are some prevention strategies:

– Avoid engaging in sexual activity to eliminate the risk of STDs.
– Consistently use condoms during sexual intercourse to reduce the chances of infection.
– Receive vaccines for preventable STDs like HPV and hepatitis B to enhance protection.
– Minimize the number of sexual partners to lower the risk of exposure to infections.
– Openly discuss sexual health with partners and encourage regular testing for STDs.
– Educate yourself about STDs and their prevention to make informed choices.
– Schedule routine visits to healthcare professionals for screenings and early detection.
– Avoid substance abuse, as it may lead to risky sexual behaviors.

How Do I Know If I Should Be Tested for STDs?

When it comes to checking for certain sexually transmitted infections, urine tests also play a crucial role.

Getting tested for sexual health depends on various factors. Here we provide a few factors to help you:

Sexual Activity: If you are sexually active, especially with new or multiple partners, regular STD testing is advisable.
Symptoms: If you experience any unusual symptoms such as genital sores, itching, discharge, or pain during sex, seek testing.
New Relationship: Before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner, both of you should get tested.
Annual Screening: Annual screening is recommended for sexually active individuals, even in the absence of symptoms.
Drug Use: If you use intravenous drugs or have a partner who does, regular testing is crucial due to the increased risk of infection.


What are the Symptoms of STD?

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) vary but can include genital sores, unusual discharge, pain during urination, itching, and flu-like symptoms. However, many STDs can be asymptomatic

What are some of the common STDs/STIs?

HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
HPV(Human Papillomavirus)

What is STD/STI ?

STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, while STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. Both terms refer to infections transmitted through sexual contact, encompassing a wide range of diseases and infections.

What should I do if my STD test results are positive?

If your test results are positive, it’s essential to consult a STD Specialist for further evaluation and treatment. Many STDs are treatable when detected early.

How do I know if I have an STD?

The majority of STIs and STDs cause quick and unhealthy weight loss in addition to rashes, discomfort, and vaginal discharge as symptoms. STDs like HIV are usually asymptomatic in the preliminary phase, which means they don’t immediately manifest any symptoms. Our early diagnosis test assists in detecting the infection in its early stages, providing you with the opportunity to receive treatment.

What type of test should I have?

We advise a complete blood and urine screen kit if you have had unprotected sex. You can also refer to each test to understand the type of test you should take.

How do I arrange an appointment For an STD test in Dubai?

The ‘Book An Appointment’ feature on this page is the simplest way to book an appointment.

Can I speak to a doctor before I have a test?

In order to make an informed choice about sexual health testing, our doctors are available to assist you. You can get help with the testing and treatment from our doctors, who can also diagnose you and help you further.

What are the first stages of STD?

What are the first stages of STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) pose a significant public health concern globally, affecting millions of individuals each year. Recognizing the early stages of STDs is crucial for timely intervention and preventing further complications. This article aims to...

What is an STD caused by?

What is an STD caused by?

Understanding STDs: Causes and Transmission Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that spread through sexual contact, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex. These infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites and often manifest with...

How Does STD Spread?

How Does STD Spread?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are primarily spread through sexual contact. They can affect anyone who is sexually active, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. Understanding the modes of transmission is crucial for prevention and...

What is the advantage of STD Testing?

What is the advantage of STD Testing?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) pose significant health risks and can have long-term consequences if left untreated. However, undergoing STD testing offers numerous advantages, from early detection and treatment to prevention and peace of mind. Understanding the...

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