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Our affordable and discreet facilities are all designed to maintain your confidentiality.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases can cause major health issues if untreated. However, the good news is that getting tested is simple and the majority of STDs are treatable.

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If you’re concerned about your sexual health, consider getting an STD test in Dubai. Reliable-testing is an excellent choice for your peace of mind. With our discreet and reliable services, you can schedule an appointment from our STD clinic in Dubai without any worries. 

We are dedicated to providing excellent, efficient, and patient-centered medical care with the satisfaction of patients being our primary priority.

Sample Requirements Key

The test is carried out using blood samples that are collected by a clinician at the clinic location of your choosing.

STD Test Cost

Full Blood Testing

AED 700 AED 1,400


HIV 1&2 +p24
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Turnaround time 1 day

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Single Blood Test

AED 200 AED 400


HV-1 RNA Assay 1200 AED
Herpes 2&1 500 AED
 Gonorrhoea 500 AED
 Chlamydia 500 AED
 Pap Smear 400 AED
 Semen Analysis 600 AED
Total PSA 250 AED
Urinary Analysis 250 AED
Urine Culture250 AED
Turnaround time 1 day

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8 Pathogen

AED 700  AED 1120


Herpes Simplex 1
Herpes Simplex 2


Turnaround time 1 day

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How to Get Tested at our STD Clinic in Dubai

Step 1

Select the test you want to take from the available options.

Step 2

Book an appointment discreetly and get the dates for your STD test in Dubai.

Step 3

Visit the clinic and get tested under expert supervision.

Step 4

Get the results with complete confidentiality.

In less than 24 hours of receiving your information, you can set up an appointment.

We Care About You

We understand that providing patients with a thorough understanding of their diagnosis and available treatments is essential to providing them with great care. In order to ensure complete understanding, we take extra care to answer any queries from our patients at our affordable STD Clinic in Dubai
Our area of expertise is the entire use of cutting-edge technologies in the care of STDs. Our STD Specialists in Dubai are committed to fostering a compassionate and caring environment in order to give patients the best experience possible.

Why Should You Choose our HIV Test in Dubai

The satisfaction of our patients is our main priority; thus we are devoted to providing, efficient and ,discreent patient-centered testing

High-Quality Diagnostics with Reliable Results
Consistent Professional Monitoring
Skilled Professionals
Confidential STD Test

Preparation before your HIV Test in Dubai Clinic
STD Test

Urine Test

The STD test includes a urine sample. Ideally, you should not go to the bathroom for at least an hour before visiting the clinic.


It is recommended to get an STD test done before beginning any antibiotic treatment. Inform the doctor if you are taking antibiotics.

Nature of Test